How to Meditate For Beginners: A Simple Morning Meditation

Too many of us wake up with a groan, stressing out over the day’s activities way before they’ve even begun. If you’d like to wake up in a better mood, find a pleasant morning ritual to do the moment you get up. And there’s nothing better than a ritual that involves meditation.

Meditation has helped people calm their nerves, shake off fatigue, get rid of headaches, and start their day on a good note. And meditation can do all that and more for you, too — all you need is to practice the most basic meditation exercise there is.

What is it? It’s breathing!

Try this. When you get up in the morning, spend two or so minutes doing nothing but taking slow, deep breaths. Believe me, it’s hard to last those two minutes if you’re already stressing about the day ahead of you. So for two minutes, focus on your breathing — and nothing else.

When you focus on just your breathing, you calm the storms in your mind, and you’ll start feeling more peaceful. This peace will carry over to the rest of the day, which means you’ll feel less stressed, more energetic, and in a word, happier!

Later on, you can make your meditation exercises as part of your other morning rituals, such as taking a shower, doing Yoga, or simply sitting at the porch, breathing in the crisp morning air.

It’s important to find a meditation technique that works for you. Meditation is, after all, a personal exercise — and the more you enjoy it, the more benefits you’ll gain from it.

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